Heart Centered, Embodied, Empowered, Enlighted

Heart centered growing towards embodied, empowered, enlighted, concious living

That what i share is always to find or astablish your own unique path and choise.
I simply offer tools to use, so you can become more aware and able, to ground your unique love light and joy conciousness, that is part of creation.

I tab  and tune into my connection with light and then  touch yours so you can elevate yourself to your own special and unique light.

By this your light and connection will become stronger and more easy to recognise and be aware of. Still, growing the connection, is your own doing and ofcourse responsability.

For who

Those who want to radiate and want  to co-create the new world.
Those that want to become conduits  ( or stronger conduits)  of love licht and joy.

What do you get or learn by that is offered you to excercise with and growth your awareness and pressence in:

Connection with the misterys, and living the inspiration of the – i am- , love, light and joy power of creation that is all around and more available in this dawning of the age of aquarius.

Balancing and or dancing in duality Finding one-ness.

Being concious, and able to comunicate about all that is.

What is Spring Touch about:

About connecting to the center of the energetic and spiritual heart
About transforming the experience of the illusion of pain fear and saddnes into a doorway to awareness and the higher potential of being.
About transforming anger into strenght passion and will power, into courage, enthousiasm  and creation.
About being mercifull and compassionate.
About connecting with life Source, onconditional Love, light and Joy.
About becomming the whole or holy being, one is.
About acceptance aswell the light as the shadow the peace and the conflict, the male and female part, etc. learning to make whole what was sepperated thru earlyer times.                                                                  About letting go of judgement aswell as for the self as the other.
About connecting with ones personal unique soul misterys.
About fully incarnate and know how to keep the balance in the movement of growth.
About being able to touch and connect the core of the -i am-.
About remembering your goal in this life time on Earth.

Deze methode is ontwikkeld in de stroom van tijd en leven.

Er komt spoedig ook een Nederlandse vertaling op de website te staan.

De sessies en later cursussen worden zowel in het Nederlands als het Engels gegeven.

This methode is developed in the flow of time and life.

Sessions and courses will be given in Dutch or Englisch

A session will take at least 30 minutes (€ 40,00). Since it depends on that what comes up in the moment longer is possible.

Sessies van 30 minuten (€30,00) of meer afhankelijk van wat er opkomt in het moment.

The costs are 10 Euro for 10 minutes. Kosten zijn 10 Euro per 10 minuten

50 Euro for an hour. 50 Euro voor een uur.

Skype sessions are possible ask for more information at info@leeflieflijf.nl

Je kunt je ook hier aanmelden voor meer informatie.

Spring Touch is ontwikkeld èn copywrighted door Aielette Maris

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